Our mission is to provide our customers with a service that will save them money and help them be more profitable. We will accomplish this by having hardworking well trained employees that have the tools and knowledge to get the work done safely and efficiently.

 We concentrate on doing industrial & commercial electrical work. We train our employees how to work in these environments. Some donít understand that there is a big difference in electrical work in residential and industrial and commercial. There is a good bit of a difference between industrial and commercial. We have concentrated mainly on the industrial food industry. This has allowed us to acquire the special tools necessary to meet those needs. Clean corrosion resistant electrical installations. This includes things like PVC coated conduits or Stainless steel conduit and fittings. We work hard in installing the electrical in such a way as to prevent issues with dust collection.

We get the work done safely and efficiently
We lower manpower requirements on electrical projects by having trained employees and the right tools for the project.
We help with making sure there is proper documentation on installed projects.
We update existing plant electrical documentation. This includes labeling things so when there is a problem it is easy to find.
We work with the plant on energy saving.
We work with the plant on lighting levels both for efficient work areas and security.
We supply service when needed.

Itís hard for some to understand that if we do our job correctly we work ourselves out of a job but thatís ok because the next electrical project that comes up you will want us back.

Mission statement